Beware of the Latest Scam

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Beware of the Latest Scam

Beware of the Latest Scam

Scammers have devised a new scheme that involves a mailing that arrives in a cardboard envelope from a delivery service. The enclosed letter includes the IRS masthead and wording that the notice is “in relation to your unclaimed refund.” Before giving away personal information to potential scammers, look for warning signs. In this letter, like many scams, the contact information and phone number listed do not belong to the IRS.

Contact from the IRS: Real or Fake?

In addition to special mailings, these scams can come in through email, text or social media. As a reminder, the IRS never initiates contact with taxpayers any of these ways regarding a bill or tax refund.

What Not To Do

Don’t Click on any unsolicited communication claiming to be the IRS as it may surreptitiously load malware or ransomware that keeps the legitimate user from accessing their system and files.

Don’t Respond to tax-related phishing or smishing. Report these scams by sending the email or a copy of the text/SMS as an attachment to . Include the caller ID (email or phone number), date, time and time zone, and the number that received the message.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about potential scams: 706.288.2000 or . Your safety and privacy is of the upmost concern to us.



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